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Tokyo has always been on my bucket list, so when I faced the prospect of turning 30 – I couldn’t think of a better city to celebrate in! With just two nights in Japan’s brightest and craziest location, we knew we had to pack a lot in.

Shibuya Crossing was our first stop, followed by Takeshita Street to see all of the most colourful characters in Tokyo. We headed to Akihabara, the electronics district, to witness the city’s famous arcades in person. Then on to the Kawaii Monster Cafe for sky-high fluorescent sundaes, mysterious colour-changing cocktails and popcorn-flavoured milkshakes. This was all accompanied by a zany show by the cafe’s Kawaii girls, the absolute highlight of our trip! With not a moment to lose, we then headed to one of Tokyo’s many cat cafes for some fun playing with its many furry occupants and a cold drink.

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We viewed Tokyo Skytree at night from the top of the Municipal Government Building, then headed to Kabukicho to see all the lit-up billboards and for a close encounter with Godzilla! Despite being a little exhausted, on our final day we got to see the famous Cherry Blossom coming into bloom, visit the Nakano Broadway shopping centre for manga and anime enthusiasts AND even got to enjoy a snow storm while we were at it.

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What an incredible, whistle-stop tour of Tokyo! See all our pics below:


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