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With a couple of weeks without plans before the end of our trip and temptingly low cost flights from Bangkok, we ended up in Bali for a few days of seeing the island. Bali combines beautiful countryside hikes with totally unique temples, delicious food and some great markets. However, we were particularly lucky to be there during Balinese New Year – Nyepi!

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On New Year’s Day, the entire island goes silent – no mobiles, no wifi (the government actually turns it off so you can’t be tempted!) and no talking. Everyone stays inside with their families for the day to honor the importance of Nyepi. However, the night before, you have a chance to make as much noise as possible before Silence Day! We were so lucky to see the New Year’s Eve parade in Ubud, where all the nearby villages carried huge models of characters from religious and folklore tales. They banged drums, shouted, screamed and charged at each other – all to scare off the bad spirits! A night we’ll always remember.

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See all our photos from Bali below now:

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