China Travel Blog – Guangzhou, Guilin & Yangshuo

We’re twice as excited to be in China because one of our best friends, Hannah, has come to visit us for two weeks! She has lived in China a couple of times and is fluent in Mandarin, which means we’ve had lots of lovely conversations with locals and got that extra insight into a place which only knowing the language can give you.


Excuse how sweaty we are in that pic, it is HOT here…

We have four weeks in China in total and have already made three stops – Guangzhou, Guilin and Yangshuo. A fascinating mix of great food, neon lights, big cities, rural countryside and, of course, China’s famous Karst Mountains! We’ve hired bikes to get around, climbed a mountain, hiked through rice fields and taken in the beautiful scenery. See all our photos from our first three stops in China now and watch out for more blogs to come!

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