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Hong Kong is a fascinating city of contrasts – the skyscrapers as a backdrop to the temples and statues of an older time. I’ve been lucky enough to visit different countries in Asia a few times, but Patrick has never been. I’ve been so excited to show him why it’s my favourite continent.

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You find a new mesmerising sight around every corner, everyone is so friendly and welcoming and *drool* ALL OF THE FOOD. I know it seems simplistic to suggest all countries in one continent have the certain same qualities but I’ve found these three are the case in every place I’ve been to in this beautiful part of the world. Hong Kong is no exception.

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We’ve scaled the top of Victoria Peak for fascinating views of the city, visited the Big Buddah and Tai O fishing village and browsed the markets of Mang Kok. Man Mo and Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temples have provided peace and tranquillity in the buzzing city, Hong Kong’s skyline at night and its 8pm light show entertained and Temple Street night market produced a dizzying amount of sights and smells. We’ve also eaten a lot of great food, including stopping at two vegetarian restaurants (we can highly recommend all-vegan The Loving Hut). Next stop, Mainland China!

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See all our photos from Hong Kong below…

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