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Flying into Sydney meant hitting a new continent, getting to see some very different sights to what we’ve been used to and catching up with old friends. An incredibly friendly city, it was a great introduction to our two weeks in Australia and, despite it being ‘Winter’, getting to take advantage of the sunny weather and beautiful Aussie outdoors.

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The Opera House is one of those sights on our trip which feels truly iconic, that gives you that childlike excitement to see it. Strolling round the harbour and seeing it and the Sydney Harbour Bridge was a real highlight of our visit to the city. The city centre is easily walked around and although public transport is easy and relatively cheap, we enjoyed getting to stroll through different neighbours to get there from our hostel.

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A very exciting added bonus of our visit to Sydney was getting to see one of my best friends from uni, Emma, and her lovely Australian boyfriend. They were kind enough to not just drive the four hours to Sydney to see us but to show us round the city, take us for a picnic in the Royal Botanical Gardens and then take us for a beach day the next day at Bondi and Manly Beaches. The boys body surfed while I took a slightly more relaxed approach to the water in the shallows!

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When we returned to Sydney to fly out to New Zealand after our roadtrip, we also saw family friends Barry, Lindy, Sophie, Yemi and their one month old twins. So a lovely chance for us to catch up with lots of friendly faces.

Now, onwards to New Zealand…

See all our pics from Sydney below:



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