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With just two weeks in Australia, we wanted to make the most of our trip down under, so we picked up a small campervan and drove up the coast towards Byron Bay. We stayed in a mix of National Park spots and campsites and were overwhelmed by the natural beauty, friendly people and beautiful skies we were met with.

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We stopped in Myall Lakes, Port Macquarie, Moonee Beach, Byron Bay, Nambucca Heads, Port Stephens and then back to Sydney. Australia let us live the kind of outdoorsy life we love, despite it being ‘Winter’ there… We tried supping for the first time and despite being terribly coordinated, I was actually kind of OK at it!

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We saw WHALES! You may not be able to tell from that tiny puff of water in the bottom right corner but we went to see the sunrise from Australia’s most eastern point (Byron Bay lighthouse) and saw so many whales migrating, including one mum and baby. Definitely the biggest highlight from our road trip… And we didn’t even have to blow our budget on an expensive whale watching tour!

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Port Macquarie is full of koalas and we were lucky enough to see a mum and baby in the wild, but we also got to visit a koala hospital where those who need a little extra help are treated. That’s where we met this gal!

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We couldn’t get over how many totally and utterly deserted beaches we came across in Australia. They’re so beautiful and plentiful that there are loads of empty ones. In the U.K., they’d all be rammed full of people, especially as the ‘Winter’ there is still warmer than most Summer days in England. I’m definitely a Pisces, cannot get enough of being by the sea.

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Have you done a road trip in Australia? Tell us about it in the comments and see all our pics below…

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