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Bogota is Colombia’s colourful capital with a gritty background, surrounded by Andean mountains and green hills. Our last stop for sightseeing in South America, it was a visit filled with historic sights, street art and sampling the local beer.

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We kicked off our visit as we have done with many cities on our trip so far – with a free walking tour. Not the best one we’ve been on, but still very interesting, we visited the location where the city first started, strolled through the Old Town and sampled Chicha – a local traditional spirit made from fermented maize and sugarcane.

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Following our visit to Medellin, we were keen to visit the Botero museum in Bogota. Known for his signature style, where humans and animals are depicted out of proportion, his pieces often portray a political message alongside humour. He’s the most famous artist from Latin America and we were so glad to get a chance to see more of his work in Colombia’s capital.

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Despite having seen a LOT of street art in South America, Bogota is one of the most prolific cities for graffiti so we just had to join the free walking tour dedicated to the subject. It was a great chance to learn about the grittier side to Bogota from our very honest guide Jeff and it’s the top reviewed tour on TripAdvisor. It’s so popular in fact, that about 70 people turned up! But Jeff did a great job ensuring that didn’t mean anyone missed out. He was incredibly knowledgeable and helped us learn to recognise different artists’ work. Definitely our highlight from our time in Bogota, helped by a couple of cold beers and a great pizza from the Bogota Beer Company afterwards…

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See all our photos from Colombia’s capital below. Next stop, Australia!

—Read all about our trip to Medellin here—

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