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Antioquia holds many colourful places to visit, with Guatape being one of the most popular. A couple of hours from Medellin, the town is next to a beautiful reservoir and the famous El Penol stone. With a week in Medellin, we decided to head over to visit Guatape for a day trip.

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On the way, we visited Marinilla, a colonial style town filled with locals sporting cowboy hats, narrow streets best-suited to those travelling by horse and fascinating music shops selling instruments and records. We took a short stop to walk through Marinilla and visit the ‘Jesus Tree’, a tree with the face of Christ on the top. The locals were very proud of it, making sure to point it out to anyone who walked past!

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Next, we visited the highlight of our trip, the third largest stone in the world, the El Penol stone. With 740 steps to the top, the twenty minute climb was *a little* sweaty but worth it for the incredible views. Some enterprising locals had even set up some bars at the top, so we had a well deserved beer before heading back down all of those steps. Named as a National Monument by the Colombian government, the El Penol stone is over 7000 feet above sea level and weighs approximately 66 million tonnes.

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Finally, we headed to the nearby town of Guatape. Famous for its architecture, cobbled streets and brightly coloured houses decorated with a peculiar type of moulded art. These murals are very typical of the area and are said to represent family, daily life and local pastimes. We took a book trip on Guatape’s reservoir and strolled through the streets taking in all the colour and decorations. A long but great day!

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