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Valparaiso, two hours from Chile’s capital Santiago, is a bizarre mix of street art, dream catchers and coffee shops. Its cerros (hills) are filled with tumble-down mansions, colourful buildings and laidback locals. It drove poet Pablo Neruda to say the following about the place: ‘Valparaíso, how absurd you are…you haven’t combed your hair, you’ve never had time to get dressed, life has always surprised you.’

Valparaiso Chile Travel Blog (96)

Valparaiso and it’s colourful art was a perfect remedy to the freezing cold Chilean winter we’d found ourselves in. That and of course, the wine! We stayed at Hostal Faro Azul, high up in the hills, and looking down at the colourful city below and the sea was truly something. Valparaiso is a perfect place to just wander round, seeing where the next corner takes you. We love a location where it’s less about the sights and more about soaking it all in. It was a great stop for a couple of days.

Valparaiso Chile Travel Blog (97)

See all our pics from Valparaiso below:

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