One Night In Cancun

With just one full evening in Cancun between our two weeks in Tulum and flying back to Mexico City, we didn’t have an awful lot of time to explore the Spring Break favourite. We discovered that a lot of travellers found themselves in the same situation when doing our research. Using Cancun more as a travel hub than a true destination but still hoping to soak some of what it has to offer in in the little time they had in the city.

Cancun_Travel_Blog (19)

With our hostel based in Downtown (a bus ride away from the beaches and main bar strip), we decided to take a look at some of the local street art rather than heading towards the seaside bars and restaurants. Once we’d taken in the vibrant, unique graffiti of Cancun, we headed to the night market at Parque de las Palapas. Filled with local families looking for a tasty bite to eat, a ride in a minature motorised toy car for their kids, salsa classes and cheerleading practice – it was a great way to spend one night in Cancun!

Cancun_Travel_Blog (14)

See all our pics from our one night in Cancun now…

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