Mexico City Travel Blog

Mexico City was without doubt one of the most fascinating, colourful and entertaining places we’ve been so far on our trip.

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The oldest capital in the Americas, it was built by the Aztecs before being destroyed and rebuilt to Spanish standards in 1521 when it was invaded. The mix of Hispanic and pre-Hispanic history is clear still today, with Aztec archaeological finds rubbing up against the grand Spanish cathedral and the city square. In fact, despite most of the city sinking gradually (the ground it was built on used to be a lake), there are a number of spots where Aztec foundations are stopping Spanish buildings from slipping into the ground. The floors of such places, such as the Cathedral, are lumpy where the Aztec sights are buried and it means that the people of Mexico City are still discovering new archaeological finds every day.

Everywhere you look in Mexico City, there’s something to catch your eye…

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A statue of Pope John Paul II has a cloak made of donated keys from citizens of the city. It’s to symbolise them giving him the keys to their homes and lives.
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A traditional sweet shop sells candied fruits and vegetables, including potatoes!
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The city’s post office has a rather grand Spanish design!

See all our pics from Mexico City now…

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