Grand Canyon Travel Blog

The Grand Canyon truly overwhelms. As we approached it, it looked like it was an image projected onto a green screen on a film set. All 10 by 277 miles of it is just too much to take in in one glance. It was beautiful, breathtaking and a sure highlight of our trip so far.

On the drive to the big GC, we visited another huge feat – The Hoover Dam – which, despite the long queues of cars waiting to be security checked, was a great stop on our journey. It takes quite a lot for a spot to make me feel queasy due to its height, but the pedestrian bridge which runs alongside the Hoover Dam tested my nerves. Two nerve-racking but spectacular views in one day!

After we visited the Grand Canyon, we stayed in Williams on Route 66. It was a great chance to take in some of the more twee attractions that the US has to offer and our stay in the oldest hotel in Arizona (with it’s creepy dolls and portraits that follow you down the hall) played to our love of the spookier things in life.

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