Las Vegas Travel Blog

Las Vegas probably isn’t somewhere we’d head to for a full-blown holiday, but as we were nearby (or nearby in US terms, about a five hour drive!) we hopped into a hire car for one night in Sin City.

The drive itself was fascinating, with almost every other car on the same side of the road as us seeming to be heading to Las Vegas too. Well it was Friday afternoon… Once we got to Sin City, we checked into the Treasure Island hotel and casino, which had far less pirates than I was hoping for, and headed out to explore.

The bright lights, fountain shows and drink deals of the Strip were all as you’d expect – in-your-face and determined to entertain. A particular highlight for us was visiting the Venetian Hotel, which has a canal, gondola rides and even Italian shops and restaurants lining a fake Venetian Street. I remember seeing this on TV when I was little and it was amazing getting to actually see it in person!

Towards the end of the night, we headed back to Treasure Island and gave ourselves $10 to try out some of the slot machines. It was a really fun experience but I’m glad we didn’t get sucked in and start to spend more. Las Vegas does have that way about it, everything is designed to try and make you feel like you’re a higher roller than you actually are… We loved our one night in Las Vegas (definitely something everyone should try if they get a chance) but I don’t think we’re designed to join the roulette table with the big boys!

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