Checking Out Creepy Cemeteries In New Orleans

Oh New Orleans, only a city with such a colourful history could make truly creepy cemeteries tourist destinations. Due to building New Orleans on a swamp, the dead had to be buried in above ground crypts – meaning if you’re a fan of the macabre, there are plenty of incredible graves to visit.

Out of all of the ‘Cities of the Dead’, as they’re known by the locals, the most famous cemetery by far is St Louis Cemetery 1 – a short walk from the French Quarter. As well as housing the crypt of the ‘voodoo queen’ Marie Laveau (the third most visited grave in the whole of America), there are hundreds of other graves to visit. Including that of Nicholas Cage. He may not be dead yet but he’s secured his own burial plot and built a space-age style pyramid on the top of it, in preparation for when he does leave the land of the living. Some of his fans even visit it to lay a kiss on the stone, hence the lipstick stains you’ll see in our photos.

To visit St Louis Cemetery 1, you must attend a guided tour, which tend to happen in the morning so you can avoid the afternoon heat. There are plenty to choose from, we booked through these guys who were really good. Our tour guide Lena was very passionate about this particularly famous City of the Dead and the creepy tales from New Orleans’ history.

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