Geeking Out On The Walking Dead Tour In Atlanta

Being huge zombie fans (we even had some undead touches at our wedding) there was no way we were going to travel round the U.S. without visiting Atlanta – the home of The Walking Dead. Being on a tight budget, we had to think about whether it was worth splashing the cash on an organised tour, but we can honestly say that the one we went on (organised by the Atlanta Movie Tour Company) is one of the best things we’ve done in America so far! Get ready for us to geek-out…



Our guide Colin was a seasoned background actor and huge TWD fan (he even had a life-sized replica of Lucille with him and did a pretty terrifying Negan impression). He took us to almost 20 different filming locations – from where Merle was handcuffed on the roof, to the futuristic CDC building and, of course, the iconic view of the roads leading into Atlanta.



Colin was super knowledgeable, fun, passionate and got lots of zombie related debates going with our group – which, being just seven people, meant we got a really intimate view of everything. Our inner geeks couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the day, with the locations of Terminus, the infamous tank scene and Rick’s sheriff’s office being some of our favourite spots.



Colin also showed us locations where the likes of Zombieland, Stranger Things, big budget Marvel films including Captain America and Ant Man, and The Hunger Games were filmed along the way. If you’re a Walking Dead fan and ever even remotely near Atlanta, you need to look into indulging your inner geek – trust us. Find out more at and see more location pics below…



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